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OUAP Goes to NYC to perform at the Duke Theater on 42nd St!

Martha Horstman-Evans has been writing real plays for real kids (aged 6 -11) for over 25 years. The young players of today do not discern between stage, TV, film or radio - and Martha's work reflects that sensibility. Two of her scripts were chosen for the New York New Works Theatre Festival in NYC.  "Magic, Moonlight & Mardi Gras" made the semi-finals and was performed at the Duke Theatre on 42nd and Broadway. "We need a new paradigm when it comes to scripts and children and the way we include all of them in the process of making something from nothing."

Paul Cronley from Merlin productions has over 30 years experience in producing quality video and television. "I got involved and motivated about this project because it reflects my ideas about the potential of children's programming. The excellence of the writing itself presents the opportunity to produce these scripts across different forms of media. The whimsy, humor and authenticity of the scripts are enjoyed by all ages. Like the author, they have the ability to inspire passion, purpose and play- so vital for our future creators."

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