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From Page to Stage

Martha's scripts are written with no "stars" and no auditions. She writes for any child that walks in the room, believing that every youngster deserves to be seen and heard. The kids pick their own character names and are simply players doing plays. They wear their own clothes, the set is minimal while the sound acts as another character, guiding the cast through the sequence of the story, literally and emotionally. "This generation of kids have been born into media- they know what a script is- they've been hearing and learning dialogue all their lives. We need to introduce this format to them earlier. When they see things on the internet and TV, they develop a more discerning eye in terms of what they are seeing. If WE can make magic- what are they doing on the screen? Is it real? Is it staged? Is that person telling the truth? After all, these are the script writers of the future, and they need to know that almost EVERYTHING they see starts with a script. What I'm really teaching is the creative process- the vision, the steps to make it happen, and the tangible manifestation of the vision itself. Once you learn this, you can apply it to anything- math science, literature and life."

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